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Expand with Factoring Consulting

Our Tailor-made factoring solutions and purchase financing models are not only there for our benefit. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG's financing products can also be offered by, for example, financial advisors.

Vermittler wie Unternehmensberater, Versicherungsmakler und Treuhänder können mit der GOFACTORING ihr Beratungsspektrum erweitern

Business consultants, insurance brokers and trustees - all of whom advise their own clients - can expand your range of products by adding important financing solutions. With the presentation and mediation of our bank-independent portfolio, they are opening up another profitable business field in their consulting. To this end, we also offer individual training to pass on our expertise.

From one entrepreneur to another - we are all on the same page. Contact us. And find out for yourself, how choosing to work with us can be worthwhile for all parties. You can also benefit from the advantages that we offer your customers. Targeted where solutions in the field of factoring are needed. And where solutions for growth financing, increased liquidity and profitability should be implemented. Independent of banks, in line with sales and transparent.