Frequently asked questions and answers
on factoring practice

  • How high are the costs, what are the savings?

    Through factoring, companies not only improve their liquidity, they can also save money. On the one hand, outsourcing receivables management reduces your company's workload, thereby creating savings potential. On the other hand, our efficient receivables management ensures you make the best use of reductions and discounts. This means savings of up to 5.5% of gross sales. To calculate a bespoke solution for you, we require your company figures. For this, please use our factoring enquiry form or contact us directly.

  • What changes for my customers if I become a factoring client?

    There are no major changes for the people who owe you money. Essentially, only the bank account details for the invoices change.

  • Can factoring damage my reputation?

    Thanks to its many benefits, factoring has established itself as a key financial service in Switzerland and enjoys the respect and trust of many companies. Your customers will be informed in advance when the receivables management is outsourced to the factor. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG then takes on the individually focussed and sensitive support of your customers. Because, unlike collection, the customer and the factor share the same interests. Perhaps, on the basis of their positive experience of dealing with us, some of your customers will even consider using our financing services themselves.

  • Are there any sectors that are not suitable for factoring?

    In principle, the majority of the production, trade and service sectors are suitable for factoring solutions. The basic requirement for this, is that it is possible to factor the products and services. The services provided by GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG are especially aimed at medium-sized and large companies with commercial customers (B2B) and an annual turnover of more than CHF 1,000,000. You can find more detailed information here.

  • Are there any alternative options for companies that are not suitable for factoring?

    For companies with a good credit rating that cannot get factoring, we offer innovative purchase financing solutions through the GOFACTORING group company XENUM AG. Further information on the financing solutions of XENUM AG, which can also serve the B2C sector as well as the construction and mechanical engineering industries, can be found here.

  • As a factoring client, will I lose control over my company?

    When working with GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG, you can rely on a high degree of transparency. Via our web portal, you have constant access to a complete overview of your receivables, payments, payment practices and limits. The factoring methods are individually tailored to suit your company's requirements. Your entrepreneurial freedom is not restricted by us in any way. In addition, you will benefit from additional risk control through the involvement of us as a factor, for example by providing information on "credit insurance".

  • Will your arrears billing system pay adequate consideration to my customer relationships?

    We closely conform to your standards, when carrying out arrears billing. Business relationships are built on sensitivity and trust so this is how we deal with customers. As an objective third party, we can improve the customer relationship if it becomes burdened by outstanding invoices.

  • Are factoring and bank loans mutually exclusive?

    Taking Basel III requirements into consideration, factoring as a financing service can quickly lead to more long-term liquidity. Long-term factoring generates a healthy equity ratio, which improves creditworthiness and rating, putting you into a better position when negotiating credit. Factoring can also complement bank financing and does not rule it out.