Companies with an annual turnover of CHF 3,000,000
Factoring fee as "all-inclusive" pricing model (financing interest,
protection against loss of receivables, receivables management/arrears billing)

Savings potential:
Financing interest (average collection period 45 days,
interest on current account 6%)
22.500,00 CHF
Fee for credit insurance or planning
Bad debt (0.4% on sales)
12.000,00 CHF
Credit agency fee
(Creditreform, Dun & Bradstreet)
3.000,00 CHF
Discontinuation of discount to customers
(2% at 20% utilisation by all customers)
12.000,00 CHF
Costs for arrears billing, legal action 7.500,00 CHF
Costs for accounts receivable accounting 25.000,00 CHF
Use of discount at suppliers
through improved liquidity
(3% discount at 60% material cost)
54.000,00 CHF
Sum: 136.000,00 CHF
Potential savings
as a % of annual turnover:
4,53 %
Savings potential:
CHF 136.000


A company with an annual turnover of this size could use the amount saved to invest in factoring fees. In addition to simplifying processes through our factoring services. The company gains twice as much by taking full-service factoring: Cost savings on the one hand, administrative support on the other. This is because the actual benefit of factoring far exceeds the pure financing function and positively impacts on other business areas. Contact us for an offer.