Secure market positions, optimise earnings
and reduce costs

Factoring-Vorteile: Marktpositionen sichern, Erträge optimieren, Kosten senken

Factoring opens up competitive advantages - advantages that do not have to be bought at a high price: You can even make substantial savings with factoring. Compared to the associated costs and effort, there is a much bigger savings potential. Furthermore, GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG can also offer your company a factoring contract that includes services far exceeding the traditional factoring portfolio: Access to qualified business advice, legal protection in the event of disputes over goods provided by specialised lawyers and the innovative link with our purchase financing across Switzerland. Benefits that we pass on to our factoring clients.

Factoring benefits

  • You get immediate liquidity

    Just two days after invoicing, depending on when we receive it, you can expect to see up to 100 percent of the gross invoice sum on your account, often within 24 hours. If necessary, the remaining amount will be paid immediately upon receipt of your customer's payment.

  • You can cover your investment needs without providing additional collateral

    The sales-compatible growth financing gives you additional scope for investment. Factoring enables growth financing without the need for further collateral. Financing and credit conditions will improve significantly for any additional investment requirements thanks to a higher equity ratio. By shortening your balance sheet, your credit rating will improve. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG can also provide financing in situations, in which bank financing is not possible, e.g. for start-ups. In contrast to other forms of lending, the alternative financing option of factoring is also available to you if you are experiencing a downturn.

  • You get security - guaranteed

    Even if your customer does not pay, your credit risk is zero. The guaranteed protection against loss of receivables (del credere) protects you against non-payment for services rendered. Our creditworthiness test for new customers provides you with support right from the start in the acquisition phase. Thereafter, there is regular risk monitoring of all customers, helping to create a healthy customer base.

  • You will improve your competitive position and strengthen customer loyalty

    Improved liquidity immediately after invoicing and the higher equity ratio give you the scope for investment in the future. You can react quickly to market developments and thus secure long-lasting competitive advantages. By granting your customers longer periods of payment, you can save on discounts and compete for those customers who insist upon longer payment terms.

  • You will save costs in purchasing and strengthen supplier commitment

    The fast settlement of your receivables allows you to pay your suppliers quickly. This strengthens your market position and ensures you the best purchasing conditions, discounts and reductions.

  • You will have less book-keeping to do

    In accounting, factoring saves time, money and internal resources by outsourcing receivables management. Less administration means significantly lower fixed costs. By using GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG's specialists to process your receivables, you will sustainably optimise your receivables management.

  • Further benefits

    arise because none of the following are necessary: the valuation allowance requirements, the bank negotiations for increases in the current account, etc., and additional security.

Our sample calculation illustrates how factoring can be profitable for you. Of course, you can also send us a non-binding online-factoring enquiry.

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