Cost-benefit analysis
and value-added

The actual benefits of factoring exceed its financing function and have a positive, wide-reaching impact across all business areas. Not least the additional services included in a factoring contract with GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG such as access to business advice from our experts or legal action. But also viewed on balance: You can save with factoring. Since, in contrast to the overheads, there is a much larger savings potential in the form of discounts or savings in interest.


The following example illustrates
how factoring can pay off financially:

Company with an annual turnover of 3.000.000 CHF Factoring fee as an "all-inclusive" pricing model
(financing interest, non-payment insurance, accounts receivable management / arrears billing)

Financing interest
(Average collection period 45 days, interest on current account 6 %)
Fee for credit insurance or loss of receivables strategy
(0,4 % on revenue)
Fee for credit agency
(Creditreform, Dun & Bradstreet)
Costs for arrears billing, legal action
Costs for accounts receivable accounting
Take advantage of supplier discount due to improved liquidity
(3 % discount at 60 % material cost)
Potential savings
as a % of annual turnover: 4,53 %
Or as an absolute figure: CHF 136.000

With this savings potential, you will not only be able to finance the factoring costs, but you will also make net savings. With our full-service factoring, you simplify your processes - and make even more gains. How you can specifically get money back is detailed in these figures here.


Savings potential and added value are dependent on the optimal factoring option needed to suit your company and its requirements. Your factoring costs, consisting of factoring fees and interest rates for the financing of the receivables, also depend on your company figures and the terms of the conditions. We would be happy to provide you with an individual quote. Use our Factoring enquiry form to send us your details in a secure way. The data transmission is encrypted, and the data is treated as strictly confidential.