Financing, protection against loss of receivables, service:
factoring functionality

In addition to the financing function, you will benefit from our service functions - discrete customer credit check and receivables management. Outsourcing receivables management frees up company resources for more important activities - your core business. By taking over the del credere risk for uncontested receivables, we safeguard companies against loss of receivables. Your default risk is zero.

For Swiss companies, factoring has proven to be a popular alternative to borrowing capital, which is becoming more difficult. This is because the Basel III criteria for banks does not insist upon additional collateral for factoring. Long-term factoring generates a healthy equity ratio, which improves your company's credit worthiness and rating. The acquisition of additional funds becomes easier and cheaper, since factoring complements financing from a bank and does not exclude it. The immediate gain in liquidity allows for turnover-compatible investment phases and growth options - your company can respond more quickly to market events with greater flexibility.

Del credere function -
protection against payment defaults

An essential element of real factoring is the comprehensive protection against loss of receivables - even if your customer should go bankrupt. In this way, you always have the assurance that orders, services and advance payments will always pay out in full. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG insures your receivables with a conventional credit insurance. Your existing insurance can be integrated and if necessary transferred here.

Your book-keeping activities
will be significantly reduced
by our receivables and accounts receivables accounting

After the invoices have been submitted by your company, we take over, as your factoring partner, and carry out any further administration and processing of the receivables - right up to arrears billing- and debt recovery. This will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on book-keeping, freeing up time for other activities. Our contract includes legal protection for insured receivables. In the case of disputes, you would be represented by specialist lawyers. We take care of with complex and time-consuming cases so you don't need to worry.