Factoring as a financing alternative for more corporate freedom

«How exactly does factoring work and how can your company benefit from it in the short and long term?»

The principle is methodical and has a consolidating and efficiency-enhancing effect: You sell your outstanding receivables to GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG - independent of any bank.

In exchange you will receive the majority of your money promptly, converting your turnover into immediate liquidity. In so doing, your company will be able to grow in line with its turnover, without having to provide additional collateral or be in a credit relationship - factoring is all about buying and selling.

With the reliable and immediate payment of your receivables, you can secure sufficient financing, which corresponds to your turnover. We not only take over the financing but also the del credere function. This protects you from bad debts from the outset. In addition, your company is left with a reduced administrative workload, because GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG takes on the entire receivables management for you. From the booking of the outgoing invoice, to the administration and monitoring of incoming payments, right up to arrears billing. Allowing you to focus completely on your core business.

Improve liquidity
and the planning of finances,
reduce non-payment risk

The process can be smoothly integrated into your daily business and thanks to state-of-the-art IT, it is secure, fast and transparent. This allows you to sell your receivables online and have full access to your accounting records. Here we post all the necessary information for you daily. Via our web portal, you have a complete overview of receivables, payments, payment behaviour and limits round the clock. You can build up a reliable customer base through the discrete credit checking of potential new customers. To bring this impressive portfolio into focus:

1. Delivery of goods and invoice
Factoring client customer
2. Credit assessment
GFS customer
3. Sale of receivable
Factoring client GFS
4. Payment of purchase price
GFS Factoring client
5. Payment of invoice
Customer GFS

cutting edge
corporate financing

The service model of factoring has long established itself as a popular financing tool for Swiss companies - with double-digit growth rates for small and medium-sized companies. Thus, enterprises can use the financing alternatives that supplement bank financing, as well as pre-finance orders, achieve focussed investment and react to market developments. As a result of the reduction in the balance sheet and the increase in the equity ratio, the rating of your company is improved under Basel III conditions. And with that, your creditworthiness.

Your factoring and financing partner GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG will work together with you in a professional manner, always providing you with an excellent service. We will also act as a reliable and trustworthy business partner to you when talking to your debtors.

Combinable purchase financing options and tailor-made solutions

Traditional factoring is sometimes prevented by certain criteria that have to be fulfilled, for example, criteria connected to B2B. Under the umbrella of GOFACTORING HOLDING AG, GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG and XENUM AG have, however, developed modern models to expand the financing framework and overcome these hurdles. In addition to factoring, you can integrate purchase financing options. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry enables us to optimally adapt financing solutions to the needs of our clients. Arrange an appointment with us directly, or use our call back service to get further advice.

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