The principle of factoring
will pay off for your company

The extent to which factoring can be profitable for your company depends on many factors, such as your network of debtors and their ability to pay. The offer provided by GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG is especially aimed at medium-sized and large companies with commercial customers (B2B) and an annual turnover of more than CHF 1,000,000. By linking with our advanced model of purchase financing, we can also serve sectors with private customers as buyers. This includes, for example, online trading. Bank-independent financing solutions, such as in the B2C segment, distinguish us from the conventional factoring competition and enable a focussed and significant expansion of our range of products and services.

Our strength lies in our individual bespoke and industry-specific solutions, which also serve, for example, trustees, health factoring and start-up factoring. As a strong and reliable partner, we can also advise and assist with restructuring projects through factoring-financing. We know the sectors and have so much commercial experience and expertise that we can assess the risks realistically on a case-by-case basis and set the premiums appropriately and fairly. Our discussions can begin with a factoring offer. Or you can contact us directly for a personal consultation.

Factoring-Vorteile: Marktpositionen sichern, Erträge optimieren, Kosten senken

Factoring is worthwhile for companies

  • If your sales grow quicker than your credit line
  • If you are no longer able to take advantage of discounts
  • If bad debts continuously depress earnings
  • If your company has a few large debtors as customers (risk concentration)
  • If arrears billing and debt collection keep you from your core business
  • If you have to pay out a co-owner or heir
  • If your company has a high number of receivables
  • If you want to - as a strategic option - improve your liquidity immediately
  • If you want to ease your company’s financial situation

Factoring is of great benefit both entrepreneurially and economically, with real savings potential. Factoring is therefore not only a benefit in growth phases. We offer it in various, needs-oriented models - from full-service factoring to non-recourse, notification, non-notification and in-house factoring right up to selective factoring. We look forward to your enquiry.