Individual solutions -
precise factoring for your company

The sale of receivables to GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG can take various forms and can be customised according to individual requirements. With this degree of flexibility, your company will find the exact revenue financing to meet your requirements and expectations. The starting point for your individual solution is a detailed analysis. Size of company, size of the invoice, sector, debtors, turnover, outstanding receivables, average collection period, overdraft and target figures - all these provide the framework for a successful cooperation. From our basic models, sector models and your key figures, we select the option that optimally meets your needs and our performance. It could be notification factoring - by far the most common form in Switzerland-, non-notification or silent process - in which the debtors are not informed about our cooperation -, or a combination of different models: The chosen model will strengthen your balance, credit rating and equity structure.

  • Purchase of receivables
  • Protection against loss of receivables
  • Receivables management

The way in which you can obtain liquid funds with GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG directly, effectively and in line with your income is also determined by purchase of receivables, protection against loss of receivables and receivables management. These three components are the cornerstones of our full-service factoring. However, we also offer selective factoring and in-house factoring. Companies that need a temporary increase in liquidity may opt for selective factoring, which is just the sale of certain receivables to us. In the case of in-house factoring, the receivables management remains entirely your responsibility. If we take over this as a third-party company, we will manage your debt collection. By reducing the administrative workload, your company will the have resources to focus on the core business.

Customised instead of
one size fits all

Your factoring offer will not be a standard, one size fits all solution, but rather will be embedded in your corporate environment and interests. Special attention is always paid to your reputation. Thanks to its many mutual benefits, factoring has established itself as a key financial service in Switzerland and enjoys the respect and trust of many companies. If we represent your interests externally, this supports your customer and supplier loyalty.