Accepting the risk of your receivables,
monitoring the risk of your customers

A central element of factoring is the protection against loss of receivables. Through the involvement of GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG, you ensure the successful completion of your business you have worked hard for. With products delivered or services rendered on schedule. To domestic or foreign business partners.
Even if your customer does not pay, your credit risk is zero. This gives you the assurance that winning orders will always pay off in the end.

Del credere -
protecting the factoring client
against loss of receivables

Delkredere – Absicherung des Factoring-Nehmers gegen Forderungsverlust

The del credere function in GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG's full-service factoring is covered by credit insurance. Should you wish, your own policy can also be integrated. We provide protection and assume the risk to prevent loss of receivables causing you problems. In the case of disputes over goods between you and your customers, we will support your company and guarantee representation by specialised lawyers. As a result, you will not have to worry about litigation. This service is also included in the full-service factoring contract and the factoring fee.

Risk minimisation through
discrete credit checks
of your new customers

The continual checking of your customers' creditworthiness provides you with extra security. We carry out the credit checking and risk monitoring of your customers. We examine the creditworthiness of potential new customers, upon request, during the acquisition and contract initiation phase. You will then receive a credit assessment from us before the first delivery. This allows you to decide objectively whether or not you would like to enter into a business relationship with this company. Transferring your receivables management to us helps you to further lighten your workload.