Calculation and turnover security:
Factorisation strengthens liquidity

Kalkulations- und Umsatzsicherheit: Forderungsverkauf stärkt Liquidität und gleicht Umsatzschwankungen aus

The ongoing purchase of receivables forms the basis of factoring. This provides you with immediate liquidity regardless of your customers' long payment periods. By granting your customers longer payment terms, you can make additional savings with discounts. The purchase of receivables, as an alternative financing option, is the focus of most factoring enquiries. It offsets fluctuations in revenue and incoming payments. In the short and long-term, your company receives a significant boost in liquidity.

Purchase of receivables

We buy the receivables of domestic and foreign debtors and pay your invoice: Just two days after invoicing, and often within 24 hours, you will receive up to 100 percent of the gross invoice sum in your account. Once the customer has paid, there may be an additional residual amount. In contrast to the transfer of receivables to secure a bank loan, with factoring, you sell your receivables to us and are refunded the purchase price immediately.

The benefit for you:
Improved liquidity,
and credit rating

The immediate liquidity gives you the necessary financial leeway to invest in healthy growth. The sale of your receivables reduces your balance sheet. Which in turn increases your equity ratio. This also significantly improves your credit rating and creditworthiness, for example with banks. Another big benefit: GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG bears the risk of loss of receivables. We also take care of legal costs for litigation, giving your company peace of mind. The use of specialist lawyers is an integral part of the full-service factoring agreement.