Reduce costs and avoid
loss of receivables early on

Receivables management includes accounts receivables accounting, arrears billing and debt collection. More and more companies are outsourcing it entirely to specialised factoring companies such as GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG. The advantages are clear to see. By outsourcing, you can significantly reduce the amount of time your company needs to spend on bookkeeping and thus reduce costs. Loss of receivables is minimised early on, ensuring the factoring client's liquidity is maintained at all times. This safeguarding of the availability of sufficient funds extends from the creditworthiness check before the provision of services to the management of outstanding receivables and debtors.

is a matter of trust

As business people, we know ourselves that sensitivity and trust in dealing with customers are essential cornerstones of every business relationship. That is why we always coordinate our receivables management closely with you. And if there are any difficulties, we will work with you to determine the further course of action. While outstanding invoices can burden the customer relationship, we can help to preserve the relationship by acting as a third party. With receivables management included in the full-service factoring, you can benefit in full from the factoring advantages.

processes and less

After sending the invoice, we take care of everything else, up to a dunning process if necessary, or even legally enforcing payment collection (debt enforcement, bankruptcy etc.). As an overdue payment or bankruptcy of the debtor is covered by the del credere insurance, you, as our factoring client, have nothing to do at this stage. Except in the case of objections - such cases require your involvement.

Our takeover of receivables management substantially reduces your bookkeeping and helps you to get the most out of discounts and reductions. This is not only a cost benefit for your company, which additionally saves on personnel costs: While we carry out administrative tasks and receivables management on your behalf, you will always have a complete overview of what we are doing. We not only provide you with all the up-to-date information you need - our web portal gives you constant access to a complete overview of your receivables, payments, payment practices and limits. When working with GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG, you can rely on a high degree of transparency. The factoring methods are adjusted to suit the individual requirements of your company, your entrepreneurial freedom is not restricted in any way. On the whole, factoring creates more entrepreneurial freedom, scope for investment and planning security through a reliable cash flow.