Our basic factoring models:
The basis for your bespoke solution

The development of factoring as a modern and efficient financing tool has given rise to different variants. The portfolio of GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG focuses on the market-proven open models of full-service factoring, selective factoring and in-house factoring. The silent, non-notification process is also part of our scope of services. The decisive factor here is that we tailor our solutions to suit the specific requirements of our factoring clients. Our financing models are not set in stone but can be fine-tuned to suit individual needs. According to requirements and specific requests, our models can be offered as different combinations. In the interests of our customers, cooperating with XENUM AG to provide purchase financing, enables us to offer a broader spectrum of financing options without involving banks. We deliver our services as a partnership and with the characteristics of a Swiss clock: accurate, reliable, punctual and transparent.

Take a look at the various possible options:

Purchase of receivables - receivables management - protection against the loss of receivables: Full-service factoring, selective factoring, in-house factoring, non-notification factoring, half-open factoring

Full-service factoring

GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG's full-service factoring combines the purchase of receivables (including from international debtors), protection against loss of receivables as well as the management of receivables and arrears billing. Our factoring clients benefit from financing in line with sales, protection against risk and substantial relief in receivables management, freeing up the company's own resources. Legal protection of the insured receivables is also included in factoring.

Selective factoring

This special form of factoring, also known as selective factoring is a particularly flexible model. Here, we only purchase the receivables from pre-defined debtors. You can therefore choose which debtors you would like be factored. In the jointly completed customer section, you can state which customers offer a sufficient level of liquidity and security for factoring.

In-house factoring

In-house factoring brings together the basic principles of factoring. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG assumes responsibility for the financing function and the protection against loss of receivables. However, the complete management of receivables remains your company's responsibility. You remain the exclusive contact for your customers and manage your own invoicing and arrears billing.

Half-open factoring

In certain cases, the debtor is not aware of the factoring arrangement - neither in correspondence, nor in amendments made to the invoice text. This is called non-notification factoring. Your customers will continue to settle their claims directly with you, which you will then pass on to GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG. This contract model is based on a special relationship of trust and requires some important quality criteria, which we will clarify in a personal discussion with you. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG also offers the option of half-open factoring: Here, the receivables are individually adapted to your customer structure and are either factored silently or openly.
A silent process is more likely to be possible for the XENUM AG financing solutions than for conventional factoring, since for these, the claim exists against the client.


Which of these basic models provides the most efficient financing option for your company? Which variant meets your requirements? We would be happy to advise you, use our call back service to contact us directly. And find out more here about our different sector models.