Traditional sector models
and our expanded framework

In principle, the majority of production, trade and service sectors are suitable for factoring solutions. The basic prerequisite is that it is possible to factor the products and services: The receivables must be complete and undisputed, and in B2B, the debtors should have a good rating. Nevertheless, there are industries that many factoring providers tend to avoid. It is GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG's goal to offer financing solutions to such industries. And to do so innovatively: Financing is even possible in the B2C sector, i.e. for companies that do business with private consumers, and for products that are more customised (and thus "more vulnerable"). With the financing offered by XENUM AG, a new financing product on the Swiss market, debtors - in this case private customers or uninsurable B2B customers - can be used for a suitable financing solution. With this it is also possible to process different currencies. XENUM AG's purchase financing combines the advantages of traditional factoring with an expansion of the financing spectrum. Which financing combination is right for you?

To begin with, we carry out a needs analysis, which forms the basis of the factoring solution. We not only know the different sectors and their distinctive features, we also understand the companies' desire to overcome liquidity bottlenecks. Liquidity bottlenecks can have many causes - for lasting success and more investment scope, it requires expertise and an unblinkered approach. As a factoring provider for Swiss companies, we pursue an integrated approach to improve liquidity and earnings. To securely finance growth in the long term.

Grundsätzlich ist das Gros der Produktions-, Handels- und Dienstleistungs-Branchen für Factoring-Lösungen geeignet Factoring-Grundvoraussetzung ist, dass Produkte und Dienstleistungen factorabel sind: Die Forderungen müssen vollständig, mängel- also einredefrei erbracht sein und im B2B die Debitoren ein gutes Rating aufweisen Die GOFACTORING verfolgt als Factoringanbieter für Schweizer Unternehmen verschiedener Branchen ein integriertes Konzept zur Liquiditäts- und Ertragsverbesserung

Alternative financing
with added value

In addition to the financial service of factoring, we also offer your company access to business consulting through cooperation with well-established experts such as auditors and company consultants. With our successful company development, we create security and potential for our customers. GOFACTORING SCHWEIZ AG is a trusted partner for a sector-oriented factoring solution. With access to organisational advice, rationalisation of operational processes and advice and support in financing the purchase of goods. XENUM AG's purchase financing supplements a financing package that can come from factoring. It can also be complemented by possible bank financing. Strengthening market positions and improving company liquidity are the main objectives of factoring and our company's core competency. Take advantage of our additional services.